Saturday, 28 January 2012

ESPN Brief

Design Brief Outline

  • To create a campaign targeting young audience in Uk
  • To recognize ESPN as most relevant sports channel in UK.
  • Target audience: Men under 35 years.

To develop a broad understanding of problem solving within the area of Advertising.
  • Challenging brief.
  • To attain both strategic and visual understanding in design and brand.

Problem: Currently the average ESPN subscribers are older male aged 45+ in UK.

Initial Brainstorming

Proposed tone of voice:                                    
  • Attractive
  • Passion
  • Interactive
  • Convincing
  • Direct Communication
Proposed brand value:
  • Bold and energetic
  • Modern and contemporary
  • 100% sports broadcast
Defining target audience

  • Gadgets & Games
  • Passionate
  • Fashion
  • Cars
  • Social networking 



Connecting sports with the lifestyle and fashion. 

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